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Developing Fine Motor Skills

The learning we do at a young age is something a lot of us take for granted. From developing fine motor skills to learning the color spectrum, we learn so much those first couple of years and then implement what we learn for the rest of our lives. Heck, the colors are one of the first things we learn as children. Have you ever thought about when we actually picked up that knowledge? Or how exactly that knowledge became so integral to our everyday life? The color spectrum is everywhere when you’re little. From the clothes you wear, to the toys that help you develop fine motor skills, to the music you hear. As my husbands favorite band They Might Be Giants teaches us, Roy G. Biv is a colorful man and his name spells out the whole color spectrum.

Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants at AmazonR is for red
O is for orange
Y is for yellow
And G is for green
B is for blue
I for Indigo
And V is for violet
And that spells Roy G. Biv

Wooden manipulative toy from Guidecraft - ages 2-5

Photo used with permission from forsmallhands.com

I think those fine motor skills activities toys are the biggest demonstration of the color spectrum. Some fine motor skills activities like this Wooden manipulative toy from Guidecraft (available at forsmallhands.com) simply provide an opportunity to match the colors while developing fine motor skills. The jumbo wooden screwdriver is great practice for older kids while younger children can use their fingers to turn the chunky wooden bolts. While the opportunity for matching is there, each bolt fits in any threaded hole. Babe has been playing with this for months. Even before she became curious about the turning process, she loved exploring the texture of the screw with her fingers and her mouth.

Wooden Rocky Color Cone by Holgate - ages 1½-3

Photo used with permission from forsmallhands.com

This wooden rocky color cone by Holgate is another great example of integrating the color spectrum into fine motor skill toys. The classic wooden rocking stacker should be familiar to many of you. Children practice hand eye coordination and develop size discrimination as they learn to successfully maneuver the rings onto the stacker. In order to fit all the rings, they must be placed in the corect order, the order of the color spectrum. And, unlike the similar plastic toys, these wooden rings make a clacking sound when slid onto the rocking base. Since this 100% wooden toy is made of such superior quality and workmanship, the Philadelphia toy company (in business since 1789) offers a lifetime guarantee.

A classic wooden counting toy from Guidecraft - ages 2-4

Photo used with permission from forsmallhands.com

Now this toy may not be something you’re quite as familiar with. The 1 to 5 ring counter from Guidecraft is a classic wooden counting toy. Not only does this toy help children learn about colors while developing their fine motor skills, it also reinforces counting from one to five. While the youngest children may begin by stacking the rings on each posts, as they begin to understand order they will begin to sort and then stack by color. One they’ve begun to learn their numbers, this toy will allow them to practice counting. Imagine their excitement as they discover that the number of rings on each post matches the numeral printed on the base.

Each of these toys aids with color recognition and the two different kinds of stacking toys help to reinforce the color spectrum. All three of them provide a wonderful opportunity for a child to work on their fine motor skills development while really having fun. While the screw block may spend a relatively short time in your home, the stacking toys are 100% wood have that classic look that makes them perfect decorating accessories to display on a shelf when your children outgrow them. I look forward to passing them down to my grandchildren. 😀 Hopefully they’ll become family heirlooms.

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