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Geeky Independence

When we found out about the Montessori method, we knew right away that it was a great fit for our family. We were already practicing elimination communication and baby led weaning, two processes that closely align with the Montessori method, and we knew that we wanted to teach our daughter by modeling behavior and showing her how to do things for herself. She is absolutely in love with going to school and I firmly believe that is because of all the practical life activities she gets to do on a daily basis. At 18 months she is always discovering new tasks that she can complete on her own. She zips and unzips her bags, fastens and unfastens the Velcro on her shoes, pours her own water from her tiny pitcher, and so much more. I think what she enjoys most though is that she gets to “work” with her friends every day.

When the school sent home a catalog from Montessori Services I was thrilled to start looking through it! I am always looking for ways to help transform our home into a practical learning environment. I was even more excited when Montessori Services was kind enough to provide a promotional item for me to review.

One of my daughter’s favorite activities at school is washing windows so that is the item I chose to receive for my review.

The minute we opened the package she was ready to get to work!

As you can see, my daughter not only enjoys cleaning the windows but you can actually see how proud she is that she is helping out.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of this item. Generally Montessori tools are made from wood for a variety of reasons but there is no logical reason to make a cleaning caddy out of wood. One might be concerned about the durability of a plastic item but there is no reason to worry about this set. The caddy is structured well so it can easily hold any weight that a small child can carry. Additionally, the plastic bottle hasn’t had any issues with getting clogged. Most of all, I love that the four cloths that come with the set are absorbent and thick. I would have been disappointed to receive paper thin cloths.

One of the main reasons the Montessori method teaches through practical life activities is to foster independence, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility. When a child can not only help out around the house but help in a way that they can actually see the impact of their work, it goes a long way towards meeting those goals.

Of course, we have to put a geeky spin on everything that happens in our house. Husband, being something of an artist, painted a little TARDIS on the window so that our daughter has something to aim her spray bottle at!

The Window Washing Activity is just one of the many amazing products you will find at For Small Hands and Montessori Services. You can pick up your own Window Washing Activity right here OR enter the giveaway that Montessori Services and For Small Hands are sponsoring over here!

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