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Swimming Lessons and Preventing Ear Infections

20131219-193215.jpgToday was Babe’s sixth swimming lesson and she’s really enjoying herself! She’s super excited when she gets to hold herself up at the side of the pool. She holds her breath and opens her eyes like a pro! She seems a little surprised every time we scoop her under the water but she always seems to enjoy when we help her practice jumping in.20131219-193234.jpg I absolutely love the class but infant swimming lessons can be pretty expensive. If I had access to a pool at home or in my community, I would probably just try the Learn to Swim with Miss Bea DVD. Thankfully my Mom is helping out with the lessons for now.

At the end of today’s lesson we were given a little safety information about the importance of swim diapers. Apparently the main reason for them is to prevent water-bourne illnesses from spreading. I know some people like traditional disposable swim diapers but we prefer washable cloth swim diapers like the AppleCheeks Washable Cloth Swim Diaper that we’ve been using since Babe was just a couple of months old.

I’ve heard from lots of Moms that their little ones get ear infections after too much swimming. Thankfully we haven’t had any issues but we don’t take any chances. Some people like to use earplugs but we use a simple home remedy. A doctor gave me this recipe for preventing ear infections a few years ago. I’ve used it myself ever since and now we use it with Babe too. Coincidentally, the swimming instructor just mentioned the same recipe to us today!

Simple Ear Solution

Simple Ear SolutionHere’s the simple ear solution:
Mix one part white distiller vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol. (The vinegar cleans the ear out and the alcohol dries up all the water.) Just apply a drop in the ear and then tilt the head to let it run out. I like to use a dropper-bottle to store an ounce or so at a time.

I was getting pretty bad ear and sinus infections for a while before the doctor shared this tip with me. Now I don’t go swimming without it!

What are your tried and true home remedies?

Share your best tips in the comments!