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Be Careful What You Eat

Talk about a tough day! Everything seemed fine when I woke up this morning. Then, about an hour after breakfast I felt some stomach cramps. They got worse, then I went to the bathroom, then they got better. But then they got worse again, a lot worse. I called the birth center and described the symptoms. The midwife thought it was either food poisoning or some really bad virus that has been going around lately. Regardless, the best thing to do for a stomach issue is the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

I ate some toast and there wasn’t any big problem so I took it easy for a while and eventually started feeling better. In fact, I felt up to having a little snack to get up my energy before heading out for an important appointment with Kim. (Today we found out that she is pregnant with a boy!)

I was feeling back to normal after the appointment so Kim and I decided to grab some lunch. About half-way through my sandwich I realized I had made a big, big mistake. As Kim was driving us back, the stomach cramps returned with a vengeance. I, writhing in pain, broke out into a sweat and poor Kim got a little worried that I might dodge out of the car into traffic or something! Finally, as we approached our destination, it seemed the pain was subsiding and I said I was relieved that she hadn’t gotten sick or had an accident in Kims’ car. But, it seems, I spoke too soon. Just as we pulled into the parking lot I asked Kim to pull over. I couldn’t even stand. I rolled out of the sedan, onto all fours, and quite embarrassed myself in the middle of the parking lot. It was just as horrible as you’d expect, but at least I felt much better when it was over.

It looks like I got everything out of my system with that. It’s been about six hours and there have been no more problems. I had toast a few hours ago and then had a light dinner about two hours ago with no sign of stomach cramps. It was pretty darn bad but at least it didn’t last that long. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of it, whatever it was.

Cracking the Code for This Mysterious Pain

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