No one is Super Mom.

“Not you. Or you. Or even you. Certainly not me. We just have different priorities.”

I will admit, before Babe was born I secretly judged other Moms. I mentally shook my head at the formula bottles. I rolled my eyes at the parents bragging about their smartypants kids hitting milestones super early. I jumped at the shrieks of loud kids in restaurants.

My perception started to change during my pregnancy as I started getting to know other Moms but, obviously, I was in for a rude awakening when Babe was born. Those first few weeks I was SO tempted to switch to formula. Breastfeeding is HARD! As you may have noticed, I have no shame when it comes to baby bragging. Kids are frakking amazing and they need to be celebrated. And pipes? Yes, my kid has them. Boy does she ever.

I love what Michelle has to say in her post MOMS, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN?

How has your perception changed since you became a Mom?

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