Babes First Hospital Stay – Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a bad case of pancreatitis when I was pregnant and Thursday night I got to take my third ride in an ambulance and get admitted to the hospital again. Special low fat, dairy-free diet notwithstanding, the pancreatitis was back and worse than ever.

At first they thought a gallstone had actually slipped out of my gallbladder and into my pancreas. In that case I would need a procedure to get the stone out of the pancreas before I could have my gallbladder removed. They planned on me being there through Monday or Tuesday and spending my first Mother’s Day in the hospital where they won’t let me breastfeed or even be alone unsupervised with my newborn because she’s not a patient and they won’t take responsibility for her. Oh and Thursday night they wouldn’t let Husband sleep in the perfectly good, empty bed next to mine because the hospital is full and the bed is reserved so we squeezed into my tiny bed together while babe slept beside us in her stroller. The charge nurse was doing everything in her power to discourage us from having Husband, and especially babe, stay in the hospital with me. Plus so many things were broken from the thermostat/AC, to the fan, to the remote for the lights, to the darn hospital breast pump! They fixed the fan and replaced the pump but that charge nurse wouldn’t let us move to a room with a working AC. It was a really annoying night at Florida Hospital Altamonte.

Friday morning we got all kinds of apologies from the assistant nurse manager and were told that she didn’t know why the charge nurse had given us such a hard time about the bed and the room. All the staff nurses were very confused about what had happened that night, with the bed especially. Husband was given the second bed first thing Friday morning with the understanding that if the bed was needed he’d have to give it up. I finally had an MRI around noon Friday and it turned out fine, thank goodness. No escaped gallstones. My Mom hired a postpartum doula from my birth center to help us out for a few hours each afternoon and to take the overnight shift so Husband and I could get some sleep. Many thanks to Granni for making that much needed assistance happen. And many thanks to Mary from Inspiration Family Birth Center for providing amazing postpartum doula services. Last night Husband and I got our first full nights sleep in two weeks! Mary also rounded up a TON of donated breast milk so babe has been off formula since 11pm Friday night! She was only on formula for a little over 24 hours.

I had the gallbladder removed yesterday morning with zero complications and am feeling better than I have in months! I had solid food for lunch and had no adverse reaction to it. They’re keeping me until the morning for observation but at least we get to spend most of our first Mother’s Day out of the hospital. Husband and babe are treating me to a day at the spa as soon as I feel up to it and when we arrived home we found this waiting for us:

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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