Milestone Monday

It’s a big week for baby news in our house. We had a rough week of sleep regression but Babe only woke once last night!

Twice this morning she actually sat up on her own without tripoding for a few seconds.

Also I’ve noticed that sometimes she fusses *before* she pees. I think it’s because she wants me to sit her on the potty! Further proof: I learned that usually pees within a few minutes if waking up so whenever she wakes up I rush to the potty and prompt her. I never miss post-nap pees. Just now, she’d been napping for almost 45 minutes when the doorbell rang. I talked to my neighbor for about 10 minutes and I figured she would have peed in that time but I offered the potty anyway. The diaper was dry and she peed when I prompted her! I think she actually held it waiting for her potty!

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