Learning Numbers – Fun for All Ages!

Tardis-counting-2My daughter is 23 months old and just starting to grasp the concept of counting. To assist this process, my friend Marisa and I at Appliqué Geek created a series of printable counting games as well as a complementary set of games for embroidery machines. We started with two Doctor Who themed counting games and then added some cookies and ladybugs into the mix for the mainstream folks. Using these games, or a similar one of your own invention, kids can spend hours of educational fun.

Tardis-counting-3Each card has a printed number as well as a matching number of objects. Younger children can practice counting these objects as they are learning numbers. On the Daleks and ladybugs they can count the circles while they count windows on each TARDIS and chocolate chips on the cookies. Counting the objects helps them associate the physical number while associating the numeric character.

Learning Numbers Reinforced for Older Kids

IMG_4102-editedOlder children can use their imagination to think of new and exciting ways to play with the cards. For example, my nieces love the card game War and decided to try it with the TARDISes (TARDII?) versus the Daleks. (The TARDISes won, of course!)


They also tried Go Fish and Crazy 8’s!

You can make your own set of cards very easily by drawing a simple picture like a ladybug or chocolate chip cookie and creating an additional version for each number. Or you can get super creative and make *realistic* looking Daleks with one of our patterns!

With fun counting cards like these, both simple learning activities and more complex games invite your children to learn while using their imagination!

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