All I Want for Christmas is a Freemie!


This is NOT a sponsored post.

A friend of mine told me about this amazing new product, the Freemie. This product combines the funnel and collection cup into a single item that you can slip under your shirt for seriously discreet pumping. Their product line includes an electric pump, a manual pump, and a set of collections cups you can purchase with an adapter for a pump you already own.

Fortunately or unfortunately, pumping is a necessity for most mothers these days. Even those of us that are fortunate enough to stay at home still have times that we need to be apart from our babies. Medical appointments, exercise, heck some “me” time once or twice a year – there are going to be times that we need to leave the baby with someone else. Endowed with size 46J breasts, I have a great deal of difficulty pumping in the first place, let alone attempting to pump hands-free. With a baby that wants to be held most of the time and a To Do list that stretches on until the end of time, it seems, that means I just don’t pump.

Pumping is obviously a necessity for many working Moms too. Milk supply is one of those use-it-or-loose-it things and for a lot of working Moms, there just isn’t enough time to pump discreetly. A product like this, that a Mom can conceal under their shirt, could literally be the difference between a mother meeting or failing to meet their breastfeeding goals.

This is seriously what I’ve been waiting for my whole breastfeeding life! Seriously. I sure hope Santa leaves one under the tree for me! If he does, you can bet I’ll have a review ready for you all to read in no time flat.

Have you tried the Freemie? Would a product like this make a difference in your life?

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