I Make Milk

From spreadshirt.com

From spreadshirt.com

Oh. This meme. Le sigh. If only it were this easy.

Making milk is not my superpower.

Superpowers are things you just have (either because you were born with them or were bitten by a radioactive spider). You don’t have to work at a superpower.


I may have been born with my milk-making machinery but I still have to work to make milk. I mean really work. I have to make sure I’m staying hydrated and eating enough protein, PLUS taking a ton of galactogogues and making sure I don’t eat anything that could harm my supply, not to mention keeping to a pumping schedule if I’m going to be away from Babe too long (or if I want to build a freezer supply in case of emergency). When my supply was damaged by the old pump-and-dump during a four-day visit to the hospital, I had to seriously work to build my supply back up. After pumping around the clock failed to increase my supply and I learned that babies are far more efficient than pumps, I spent days on end putting Babe to the breast nearly every waking moment. I very nearly glued my baby to my body and my body to my sofa to force my body to make milk. I wish I just made milk. My life would seriously be so much easier.

Making milk isn’t my superpower, it’s a major line-item in my job description.

My job is being Babe’s Mom and I have many job responsibilities. Two of them are to feed her and comfort her and that’s where my milk comes in. I, like most people, have a love/hate relationship with my job. In the grand scheme of things, the job of being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in this world. The day-to-day tasks, however, can be extremely demanding, not the least of which is dropping everything every time Babe gets hungry or just needs the comfort of my bosom.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our nursing relationship. I love that I can cure all with just the pop of a boob. I love that she always looks so peaceful and content the moment she latches on. And I love knowing that my body produces all the nourishment she’ll ever need in the first year of her life.

I love all of that and more. That doesn’t change the fact that making milk can be hard work and I, quite often, wish it weren’t. I don’t need it to be my super power. I just wish it were a little bit easier.

MjAxMy03MGE4MmY5NGMxMDBmODFkSure, some lucky mamas won the milk-making lottery and actually do just have a seemingly endless supply of milk – almost as if by magic. But it’s been my experience that those mamas are few and far between.

So hey, maybe I’m just bitter, but I really find these milk is a superpower memes to be quite annoying. How do they make you feel?

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12 comments on “I Make Milk

    • 70ish months! Holy boobies batman! I want to nurse until Babe (and other siblings she might have) choose to stop so I’m sure I have the potential to hit 70 months but dear lawd that just *sounds* like forever. How have you survived?

  1. Great post! Although I have not yet had a child, my sister has and watching her struggle with getting my niece to breast feed, while she was having trouble getting milk in, showed me that it is not as easy as you are led to think!

    • That is definitely the truth Alaina! But it’s worth all this and more. 🙂 I hope you won’t let these troubles discourage you from trying if you have kids of your own. There is some amazing support out there!

    • I think if people knew how much work it was before hand, new Moms would be a lot more prepared for the struggle that is the first couple of months. You know it’s actually a really tiny percentage of Moms that truly can’t breastfeed? I think it’s something like only 3%! Unfortunately ill-educated doctors tend to blame the boob for anything going on with a newborn instead of looking for the real problem. I’m hopeful that my posts and others like it will help raise awareness of these issues. 🙂

  2. I liked your post! I really wish I could have breast fed my children but was not able to because of my illness and medications. And I must say, your daughter is so cute!

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