Happy ThanksNukkah!

39C-In our house we usually celebrate FestiNukkahMas but this year is the first time in my lifetime (the first time since 1918 in fact) that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are celebrated at the same time. And it won’t happen again until the 27th of November in 2070!!! So…

Happy ThanksNukkah!

Spending time with family is one of the most memorable parts of any holiday experience. Grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews tend to be far away but more and more these days I think you see immediate family stretching farther apart which can make coordinating holidays complicated.

Our extended family is definitely stretched pretty thin around the holidays. Just speaking locally, my Dad is about 20 minutes away and my brother lives down the street from me with his wife, two of my nieces, my nephew, and my step-nephew. However, my nieces and one nephew have to split their time between their Dads house and their Moms house which is about 15 minutes away. Their step-brother, my other local nephew, spends most of his time at my brothers house but also visits with his father once or twice during the season. My sister-in-laws Mom and Grandmother live less than a half hour away so they usually join us at our holiday get togethers which means we certainly don’t have to struggle to fill the seats at the table. 🙂 That’s about the end of the easy planning though.

My Mom joins us via FaceTime when she can’t fly in from California. If we time it right, she can visit my Aunt and Gram a few towns over so they can join us virtually as well. Hubby and I like to visit with his family too and they live three hours away so, as you can see, we really must schedule everything in advance to make it all work. (Unfortunately I don’t get to see my Dads sister, my three older brothers, or any of their families often since they’re spread out all across the US.)

This year all four kids get to have Thanksgiving at my brothers house but that means three of them would need spend Thanksgiving eve with their Mom, even though it was the first night of Hanukkah (which their Mom doesn’t celebrate). Since Hubby and I planned to have our turkey with his family we had a pre-ThanksNukkah dinner on Monday night (and I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful dinner Husband made before we all dug in).


On Wednesday we had a super-fast blessing and menorah lighting at dusk before my nieces and nephews tore open their gifts and the three rushed off to their Moms house for dinner.

20131128-092929.jpg 20131128-092855.jpg

We didn’t wrap the Hanukkah bear my Mom gave Babe because she’d probably just try to eat the paper!


Now we’re getting packed up to drive down and visit my in-laws and get stuffed! How do you celebrate Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah with your family?

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