FREAKOUTS and hard-to-Ask Questions

The First Rule of Mom Club

There are so many unbelievable things that happen during pregnancy and the first year of your child’s life! I swear, sometimes I wonder if motherhood is a secret society and Moms have been threatened with bodily harm if they divulge their secrets to the uninitiated!

The first rule of Mom Club is:
You do not talk about Mom Club.
The second rule of Mom Club is:
You do not talk about Mom Club.

There were so many bizarre things happening to me and my body and then to my new tiny human – I just didn’t know what was normal and what was cause for concern. Many, many, many Internet searches later and conversations with other Moms and healthcare providers have, thankfully, calmed my nerves. I’ve compiled this list of FREAKOUTS and hard-to-Ask Questions to help you get through this strange time.


What is happening to my pregnant body?


Why Can’t I Make Enough Milk?


Why Does it Feel Like My Baby Needs Every Ounce of Everything I Am!?

Why Does My Baby Hold His/Her Breath When He/She Is Upset?

What is This Gross Stuff All Over My Babies Head?


Why Does My Toddler Hold His/Her Breath When He/She Is Upset?

What Else?

Did I miss any unpredictable things that happened to you or someone you know? Please share them below and stay tuned! I’ll add to this list often!

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