Emergency Party Kit

Babe’s first birthday party was a blast! I’ll have a full breakdown for you soon but in the meantime I’ll share one of my top party secrets with you: the contents of my Emergency Party Kit!

It never fails, you spend months planning the perfect party for you little one and in the hours just before go time you realize you’ve forgotten a craft, or you can’t find tape and scissors, or the sky is falling! Well I can’t help with the last item but I can tell you how I avoid the first two, and a few others.

My Emergency Party Kit has come to the rescue many times in recent years. It’s something I kept handy long before Babe was born too! Husband and I love to entertain and there have been many occasions that this party kit has rescued us from one party emergency or another.

I keep my Emergency Party Kit in my pantry at all times.

Motherhood Community - Emergency Party Kit in Pantry

Granted, there are a few items in the kit that can also be found in various other places around the house (I can’t even count the number of places I store my various kinds of tape) and I have raided the Emergency Party Kit on more than one non-party occasion, but the Emergency Party Kit is sacred and if something leaves the kit, it *must* be returned to the kit as soon as it is no longer being used. This is a rule in my house and it ensures that my Emergency Party Kit is always intact.

Emergency Party Kit Contents:

Motherhood Community - Emergency Party Kit

Clear Packaging Tape – Need to hang a sign? Fix a torn decoration? Stop a table cloth from blowing away? No matter what the problem, packing tape is the solution. Masking tape won’t hold and neither will Scotch tape and duck tape is just plain overkill! That’s just the obvious use for the tape but there are so many more reasons to love it. Ever get a phone call that guests are on their way over and you realize that there is cat hair everywhere? No need to scramble to locate your lint roller, packaging tape to the rescue! You would be surprised at how many uses you will find for this treasure.

Scissors – The ultimate MacGyver tool, if you need to make magic at a moments notice all you need is a pair of scissors to go along with your tape. Heck if your video game console dies or your party entertainment bails then just stand in front of the crowd making paper snowflakes instead like a clown makes balloon animals.

A Sharpie marker – So many uses, names on cups being a big one.

Extra garbage bags – If there’s one thing you can never have too many of at a party, it is garbage bags.

Crayons – When all else fails, just grab something to draw on and go wild. Not just for kids! Recently I was at an adult get together where someone had left out a box of crayons. We had a blast doodling and narrating our own cartoons!

No matter what little surprises you encounter during your next party, these five supplies will likely help you MacGyver your way out of the situation.

What do you keep on hand to avoid party emergencies?

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