Defining Dad

DefiningDadIconI couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you my husband Michael and his latest adventure. He has just created his blog, Defining Dad, and I would love for you to support him.

Michael is a computer analyst by day but those who know him could swear that he’s hiding a Super Dad costume under his shirt. He does all the cooking, grocery shopping, and gardening for our household. He does the majority of the cleaning too! And he still finds time to take Babe out for a walk after work almost every day. Once or twice a week he takes her to the local game shop and holds or wears her during a three-hour game of Warhammer 40,000 (his favorite hobby). His other hobbies include running, reading, and playing various RPGs, tabletop games, and video games. At Defining Dad he’ll be discussing household tips and tricks, recipes, product reviews, and more from a Dad’s point of view. You can follow him on Twitter, Like his FaceBook page, follow his Pinterest boards, or subscribe to the feed.

Michael Coxson - Defining Dad

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