Defending Your Home Birth

I’m pretty vocal about the fact that next time I’ll birth at home so I’ve already had to defend my decision and I’m not even pregnant yet! I’ve done a bunch of research and I’m certain that this is the right decision for me but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when people start in with all the usual unsolicited advice. Generally I just smile and nod because I know there’s really no point in debating but these celebrities have some unique perspectives on the subject and I may just take my cue from them in the future.

I absolutely love this video! You may know Jim Gaffigan from The Ellen Show, My Boys (I was so mad when that got cancelled!), and his supporting roles in a bunch of comedy movies. But did you know he is a crunchy Dad? All four of his kids were born at home, the last one in the water. If you’ve ever wondered how to defend your crunchy birth choices with comedy, he has some great ideas here.

And if you’re looking for a more rational approach to defending your birth choices, check out what Mayim Bialik has to say at Today Moms about the environment, unneccessary interventions, and pain during childbirth. I really like what she has to say about complications:

I hear many stories about women and babies dying in childbirth that are designed to make me doubt the power of the human body. I grieve for every woman and every child who has died in childbirth, but I honestly resent being encouraged to make decisions based on these stories. It’s irrational, it’s hysteria-inducing, and it’s insulting to any woman’s intuition and intelligence.

And then, of course, there’s Dave Matthews‘ take on it. “We had him at home, which was nice, because I knew where the beer was.”

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    • Thank you! I wouldn’t call you a wuss. Trust me, I would not have turned drugs down! Lol. I really wanted a water birth though and the hospitals here don’t offer that so I had no choice. 🙂

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