But Daddy I LOVE You!

20140206-150858.jpgAs far back as I can remember, his special hold has always calmed her instantly. My boob only works when she’s tired or hungry or has a boo boo. When all else fails, Daddy’s carry does the trick. Since I am overcoming mobility issues, Daddy does most of her pottying when he’s home and also takes her for her daily walk. I’m told she spends more time with her Daddy than a lot of other babies who have SAHMs and I’m really grateful for that. I guess, though, it should come as no surprise that she sometimes shows a preference for him.

20140116-150517.jpgI’ve noticed over the past few weeks or so that Babe starts to miss her Daddy as it gets later in the day. She gets a little fussy and nothing seems to keep her occupied for too long. I offer her the potty, the boob, a nap, FaceTime with Mémère, every toy she owns, and even the dreaded TV! When the TV doesn’t work, I know I’ve lost her. Then, the minute Daddy walks through the door, a smile spreads across her face and all is right with the world.

Don’t get me wrong, she still needs her Mama plenty of times (more on that here) but these days she seems to get bored of me and sometimes I feel like I need to wean her…off of Daddy time! (I kid!)

She is always harder to please after he’s been home more and between the holiday season and an impending job change, Hubby was home a lot more often December and January. I know babies don’t spoil but I’m a little worried that Babe has gotten too used to so much Daddy time and I hope she doesn’t go into withdrawals when his schedule settles.

Yesterday she watched as Daddy left for work and then got a little upset and kept looking at the door. I’ve also noticed that she’s constantly trying to crawl into the kitchen, where Daddy spends most of his time in the evenings. :/ He loves to cook and I don’t so he does all of the cooking. This gets really difficult when Babe wants him to hold her as soon as he walks in the door. Even if he wears her on his back while he’s cooking, she’s only happy for a little while. She wants to be in his arms or playing with him. She’ll play with me for a little while but then start crying for Daddy,

So for those of you that have noticed your baby has a preference for one parent, whether it’s the at-home parent or not, what does the other parent do?

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  1. That first picture is so precious! I have an interesting situation because I’m divorced and remarried and so we have his kids and my kids, and all of them spend some time with their other parents. It can cause confusion for kids when they feel torn between who to love. We try to remind them it just gives them a bigger circle of people who love them so they can look at the positives it brings to their lives.
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  2. I don’t really have any input on this, because my husband’s away more than he’s been home since our son was born. Well, really since I first got pregnant. We should find out in a couple of weeks what his next duty station is and hopefully it’ll be shore duty, not sea. That way we can actually live together (finally) like a real family who sees each other (almost) daily!
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  3. I know that my 3 month old is more used to me than my S/O (her dad) but she LOVES when her daddy is home and talks to her or plays with her. Still, she does call for me in the morning when she wakes up and ‘babble/talks’ and laughs in her basinette (she’s in our room and it’s a less than a foot from my side of the bed.) I don’t think she has a real preference, which is good. Because it means both of us can get things done while the other takes over.
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  4. What a sweetheart. I know what you’re saying on a much smaller scale. Hubby took an impromptu vacation last week to get a break from the cold weather, and little man’s gotten very attached to him being here 24/7. 🙂

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