Composing, Brief and Efficiently

I’m pretty sure I read every book on the topic of elimination communication when I was pregnant. There was some helpful information but it was mostly chapter upon chapter of the authors life story or a lot of sociological context. That’s all fine and well and I probably would have found it somewhat interesting if I wasn’t in the middle of a hormone-induced craze to figure out an EC plan FAST! Who has time to read hundreds of pages on each and every parenting topic they are researching when their entire world is about to change forever? I had really hoped to practice EC from day one but there was just too much to wrap my head around, especially since we had so many other issues to deal with.

Now that life has stabilized somewhat and we’ve spent some time practicing EC, I’ve come to find it’s really not that complicated. Hubby admits he thought it was a nutty idea and assumed we’d try it for a brief time and then be right back to full-time diaper use. He laughs about that now. Sometimes I think he is more excited about our EC progress than I am!

Now we’re wondering: if this really isn’t that difficult, why were all those books each hundreds of pages long? They made it seem so complicated. Where’s the really simple, 1-2-3- go! that we were looking for?

Then it hit us, we need to write a book! We did a little more research about the self-publishing process, learned it really isn’t that difficult to do, and then put paper to pen (or fingers to keyboard, I suppose). I am SO excited to announce You Did It! A Guide to Pottying Your Baby. It will be a brief guide to EC that will have anyone up and running in a matter of minutes.

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