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Whether you are looking for cloth diaper reviews or my Cloth Diaper Compendium, you’ve come to the right place. It’s been almost six month since I wrote The Cloth Diaper Compendium – a primer on choosing cloth diapers. My original article was more than just cloth diaper reviews but in the past six months I’ve been asked about some of the options that I didn’t include. That’s why I’ve updated the article and turned it into a four part series so that I have room to go into more detail on each of the options. Again, this is not just a bunch of cloth diaper reviews. Sure, I talk about different brands but I do so more to illustrate the different features you will find. Why is that? Well, when you start looking for cloth diaper reviews you need to know what to look for in a cloth diaper. If you’re brand new to cloth diapers you have probably never heard the words double gussets and you may have no idea what AIO, AI2, or AI3 even mean. So why would you jump right into cloth diaper reviews before you know about cloth diaper basics?

So what’s in the series? First up we’ll talk about how to find the best cloth diapers for your family. Then we’ll get into how to use cloth diapers in more detail. Next we’ll discuss the specifics about prefold cloth diapers. Finally I’ll share with you the four questions to ask when choosing cloth diaper covers or any type of closure, for that matter.

Feel free to jump right over to the part you need or read the entire series. Enjoy!

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24 comments on “Cloth Diaper Reviews

  1. We clothed diapers both my kids for a short time. I would have stuck with it if life didn’t get too busy and I hadn’t taken on watching three other babies. I think its a great money saving choose if you can do it.

  2. When I did use cloth diapers I preferred AIO’s personally. I hated having to do so much laundry though, and I wasn’t allowed to use a sprayer that attached to the toilet (rental company said no) so it was just too much to have to scrape poop off with toilet paper when I had to do that. *gag*
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  3. I went for disposable diapers for my first kid but preferred to go for cloth diapers when many people recommended them. Don’t regret my decision a bit.

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