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Defending Your Home Birth

I’m pretty vocal about the fact that next time I’ll birth at home. I’ve already had to defend my decision and I’m not even pregnant yet! I’m taking my cues from a few celebrities like comedian Jim Gaffigan: “Why wouldn’t you have it in that germ infested building where sick people congregate?” See what he and others have to say about home birth.

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Learning to Speak

What words/phrases do you use with your younger ones to show you love them and appreciate them and love what they do without falling into the “praise for ability/trait/etc.” trap that harms kids later on?
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My car has presumably been exterminated by the frog that’s been living in it since Wednesday. Husband finally located it and coaxed it out minutes ago. Yes. I’ve been driving around with a frog in my car for days. I’d … read more