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Insightly is a CRM that helps me manage my blogging projects during the holidays and all year long!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Insightly. All opinions are 100% mine.

With my daily checklist I sort of glance at it while I go about my business. When it comes to specific projects though, I need something a little more powerful than a checklist. That’s where Insightly comes into play! Insightly is a CRM (customer relations management) product that also meets many project management needs. I find it really helps me with my blogging projects.

With Insightly I can manage all my Tasks, Opportunities, and Projects in one place. A lot of the time I create a new entry manually at their super user-friendly website. When I am emailing someone though, like when I’m talking with a potential sponsor, I can copy my emails to my personal Insightly email address and convert individual emails into specific tasks for my To Do list, potential projects in the Opportunities tab, or new business in the Projects tab.

Did a company make a statement that I need to research before sending my response? Add it to the To Do list. Do I need to follow up in a week? To the To Do list it goes! And if I am able to hire an assistant in the future, I’ll be able to monitor the status of their tasks in Insightly too.

A really cool feature about the Opportunities tab is that after I secure a new project, I can convert that Opportunity into a Project and move any outstanding Tasks there. The best part about Insightly is that it’s free for small teams!

As you may know, I serve on the board of a couple different non-profit organizations. I’ve found Insightly to be a great tool for these organizations as well. In the same way that I track communication with potential sponsors for my blog, I can track communication among the board members for a non-profit. I’m on the planning committee for an annual convention and my responsibility is scheduling the 20+ speakers presenting over the course of a weekend. I love that Insightly can help me keep track of where I am in the relationship with each potential speaker.

Whether you’re managing special projects or an entire team, Insightly is a great asset!

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