Better Babywearing


Lots of babywearing progress in our house lately!

Wearing A Sleeping Baby

A few days ago I did something I had never done before. I successfully transferred my sleeping baby from the car seat into my wrap without waking her up! But wait, there’s more! Once we got inside I was able to get everything in from the car, go to the bathroom, and put my sweatpants on without waking her up!


(You can see here that I forgot to fold my splash guard back down from her toes after peeing!)

20131118-083423.jpgI’m getting better at keeping the baby asleep as well. We were at a vendor fair yesterday with Worn With Care and I was able to talk to new customers about our products, make a few sales, and do a lot of networking all without waking Babe up.

Pro Tip

I recently ordered a custom strap for my diaper bag from Little Lion Brothers so that I can sling the bag around Babe and I when we’re on the go. It’s made from a Girasol Nisus and it’s soooo comfy. Babe doesn’t even realize it’s across her back!

Back Carries

My go-to carry with Babe (the one you see me showing off all over this post) is the Front Cross Carry or FCC (video coming soon). The FCC is super convenient for me because it’s a popable carry (I can pop her in and out all day long without having to un-wrap or re-wrap) and I can nurse in it without too much effort.

I’m working on learning to carry her on my back these days but I need some more practice so that she and I can both be comfortable. I remember the first time I asked for help learning a back carry a few months ago when. It was a lot to learn but one of the leaders was spotting me and I thought I could get it with a little practice. That night Hubby and I tried practicing alongside a video. It was a lot harder without an expert present! Not physically harder, emotionally harder. There are risks associated with back carrying a newborn the wrong way because you cannot see them to make sure they are breathing comfortably. Suddenly I was an emotional wreck! If you’re interested in learning to back carry with a wrap, I highly recommend you find a babywearing educator to spot you as you practice until you feel comfortable.

Hubby is a pro at wearing Babe on his back in our Ergo though so he does that pretty much every day. Here’s his weekday routine:

  • Work
  • Take Babe for a walk in the stroller
  • Pop Babe on his back
  • Feed the cats
  • Tidy up the kitchen while making dinner
  • Eat 🙂
  • Give Babe a bath (on bath nights)
  • Read Babe a bedtime story
  • Relax (for about three whole minutes before it’s bed time)!

Do you wear your baby? What are your favorite carries or tips?

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