Babywearing Bigger Kids

20131105-113113.jpgI really love my Wrapsody Breeze for Babe with the hot, hot, summer weather but nothing beats a Didymos Organic Wrap for bigger kids!

The breeze is made of gauze so it’s light, thin, and airy. However, since it’s so thin it’s not particularly safe for kids over 30 or 35 pounds. It’ll be a while before Babe is too big for my Breeze so I will use that whenever it’s hot (which means about 11 months of the year here in Florida!) but when it’s cool, or when one of my nieces or nephews wants a ride, I break out my Didy. It’s a traditional woven wrap so it can handle any weight that my back can handle. It’s a true workhorse and my collection would not be complete without it.

Do you wear your child? What are your favorite carriers?

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