Babe NEEDS Mama

20140211-085812.jpgI used to be a Tour Manager for a ska band and I had the amazing opportunity to travel around Europe in a tour bus. In Italy, we always had a local tour manager traveling with us to handle some of the specifics that required a local expert. Our guy, Sergio, was one in a million. He has sayings, they were like catch phrases, that I still think of to this day. One of them was about pasta. He didn’t understand why Americans cool pasta in such tiny pots because, as he said, “pasta NEEDS water!” (Major emphases on the word NEEDS.) I told husband that once when he tried to make pasta in what amounted to a sauce pan and it cracked him up so it’s become one of those things we say all the time, and not just about pasta either.

20140207-185730.jpgWhen Babe decides she needs me, you better watch out! Mornings usually go one of two ways: Daddy picks her up and she’s totally fine until she sees me and then – watch out; or, I pick her up and she’s totally fine until I sit down with the nursing pillow and then – watch out! (Watch out because when she realizes milk is coming she suddenly needs it with a fury and fire like you’ve never seen – she suddenly has a thirst so desperate it cannot be quenched fast enough!)

Since we know that’s how it goes, when Daddy is here to pick her up in the morning he makes sure she doesn’t see me till I’m settled in and ready to nurse. Some mornings though, she wakes up already desperate for me and even taking the time to change her out of a wet diaper simply makes it worse.

20140211-085846.jpgHence the common phrase in our house, “Baby NEEDS Mama!!!” We’ve said it so often that it’s no longer just a play on pasta needing water. Sometimes when Babe starts to get sleepy or does her little arch that means she wants to nurse we just ask “Do you need Mommy?” She probably doesn’t understand yet but it still feels great to say it and know I’m needed. Especially since there are many times that Babe only has eyes for Daddy.

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