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Warm and Snuggly with Halo

Before my daughter was born, I did a lot of reading and looked for parenting classes everywhere. Hubby and I wanted to be as prepared as possible before her arrival. (Hah! Like one can be prepared for parenting!) We really loved what we learned from the Happiest Baby book and class and the swaddling turned out to be pure magic in those early months!

As she got closer to the four month mark I started looking for something to replace the swaddling blankets with. I knew that it was too early to place a regular blanket in her bed but I thought she needed a little something besides her nightgown. A friend recommended a HALO SleepSack and I was sold!

They come in a variety of materials for different seasons:

Winter weights too!

And they make a swaddle version if you want to skip the traditional swaddle blankets altogether!

If you don’t do the gender neutral thing, no problem. Each material comes in all kinds of colors and fun patterns:

Now that we’ve learned about and embraced the Montessori, we dropped the swaddle blankets altogether and started baby brother with the wearable blankets since he was born. If you are looking for something to keep your little one comfy while they sleep, a HALO SleepSack is the way to go!

My Milky Moments

My Milky Moments

Part of normalizing breastfeeding is making sure people see breastfeeding as natural, normal, and even as art.

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It’s Not Like Riding A Bike

It's Not Like Riding A Bike
The timing, the progress, the pain – my second birth was very different from my first… with one small exception.
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