A Better Baby Potty

1236993_609096930734_698137284_nI wanted to share the potty we found and love. It’s the Graco Molded Potty Seat and we bought it at Babies R Us.

Babe is 4.5 months and started tripoding about a week ago which is about the time we found this potty. We all like it much better than the one we had before. (Bought it second hand but I’m pretty sure it’s an Ikea potty.)

Babe can actually sit on this potty without help and I’m pretty sure she could have done that much sooner if we’d had this potty. I love how low to the ground it is. You can’t see in this picture but her feet even touch the floor when she’s sitting.

And as far as EC goes, I am very happy to report that she completely understands peeing on the potty! She not only pees on cue in her little potty but also in our big potty at home and on potties in public too! We have’t mastered pooing yet but we’re getting there. 

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